Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Windows 10 has finally arrived for everyone

It is time to upgrade your machines and devices. Windows 10 has made spectacular improvements to it's operation system, taking the best from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. The results are truly Awesome.

Windows finally has a good web browser, called Edge. It has great promise as it quickly loads websites faster than chrome in several tests. Microsoft scrapped the decade old Internet Explorer when they went back to the drawing board to create a completely new web browser. Microsoft has built the Edge web browser to be clean and responsive. It feels light weight and extremely fast.

Windows 10 brought back the much loved Start Menu. It is the classic Start Menu with a twist. It has new graphics, live tiles and can optionally go full screen. Half of the Start Menu looks like the older Windows 7 but has great additions.

Meet Windows 10's Cortana. Microsoft is very pleased with their new personal assistant called Cortana. She will talk to you, make appoitments, track packages and airline flight schedules to name a few abilites.

Universal Apps are another new feature of Windows 10. All your devices can have the same look and feel having the same universal apps installed. Data will be saved and synced across all devices via Microsoft's OneDrive. These apps include Photos, Music, Videos, Maps, Messaging, Mail, Calendar, etc.

Another addition of Windows 10 is the HoloLens. This one is fantastic and will allow for the world's first untethered holographic computer. It is a bit futuristic but will be truly amazing as developers start creating realistic holographic experiences in the real world. The built in APIs are ready and the developers are a Go.

Windows 10 can easily flip between Table Mode and Desktop Mode with a push of a button. This allows for touchscreens and keyboard/mouse automatically or with a push of a button.

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